Junior School

Mrs. Fatima Mubeen
Headmistress Junior School

Junior School is a vibrant, thriving and fun place for young boys to learn and grow - an environment in which collaboration, skill, compassion and high expectations combine in a modern school setting. A unique boarding experience also promotes friendship, trust and honesty among children from all provinces of Pakistan.

Junior School teaches K1- K6. Most students are offered admission in K2 between the ages of 6 and 7. At all levels, boys are exposed to activities that encourage intellectual growth and positive socialization. The Cambridge Primary Curriculum of English, Mathematics and Science lies at the centre of a broad academic offering. We encourage our boys to be independent, 21st century learners, full of inquiry based on the skill set to observe, analyse, question, discuss and reflect. Junior School promotes computer literacy (including robotics and coding) as the 'third language' from K2 upwards.

Sport and club activities abound and are a compulsory part of the Aitchison experience.

Junior School management is aided by a Head of Lower Junior School (K1 to K3) and a Head of Upper Junior School (K4 to K6).