Boarding Houses

There are currently six boarding houses at Aitchison, with a further three under construction opening in 2022 and 2023. Houses have excellent facilities including their own dining halls, prep rooms and common rooms. Each house displays its history in photographs and trophies, marking the achievements of boys throughout our history. A boarder’s life graduates from Gwyn (Years 1 to 5) to Saigol (Years 6 to 8) to Bahawalpur (Year 9) then to one of three senior houses, Leslie Jones, Godley and Kelly (Years 10 to 13). Life is busy with supervised homework tutorials, games, sports, clubs and occasional outings. The original and true experience of an Aitchisonian still resides in the boarding experience. An expanded boarding system will see a new senior house opened in 2022 and more places offered in Prep School.

The Senior houses (Leslie-Jones, Godley and Kelly) are for boys studying O and A Levels or Agha Khan assessed FSc. Housemasters are supported by residential teaching Assistant Housemasters. Bahawalpur House is designated for boys in Year 9 or M2. This acknowledges the importance of our Prep Years programme and the role boarding plays in developing boys as leaders in preparation for senior expectations. Housemaster and resident staff oversee the coordination of daily routines, providing caring and disciplined leadership in a ‘home’ that boys of all ages cherish. Aitchison teachers form the basis of our regular evening tutorial programs from K1 to H2.