LUMS and Aitchison Collaboration

The LUMS Centre for Continuing Education Studies (CES) is pleased to announce a variety of different programmes for all age groups!

Short Evening Courses:

LUMS CES has a wide array of short evening courses that are designed and taught by acclaimed industry experts and academics. Each course provides an engaging and flexible learning experience, and the courses vary from personal and professional development to the creative arts to languages and cultural studies. Browse through our website to find out more about the courses being offered here:

Summer School:

LUMS CES is also offering a Summer School @LUMS for O/A-Levels equivalent students to learn in an intellectually stimulating environment and experience the social and academic opportunities that LUMS has to offer. Students will be able to use this unique opportunity to polish their analytical and logical skills. Moreover, this program will serve as a platform to equip students with the tools necessary to transition from school life to university life. Find out more regarding this programme here:

The LUMS Young Scholars Programme:

We’re also pleased to announce that a new initiative, the LUMS Young Scholars Programme for age group 9-12, is being offered this time. This programme is carefully curated to attend to the child's creative and academic needs and to inculcate analytical skills. Young Scholars selected for the program will get the opportunity to interact with peers and mentors, attend classes that foster an interdisciplinary approach to learning, and spend their summer making incredible memories! Learn more about this programme here: