136th FOUNDERS' DAY 2022


It is always the best of times when Aitchison assembles boys and old boys at Founders' Day events. In the bright sunshine, among the natural wonder of our grounds, we enjoyed a rousing sports day that finished with an afternoon tea in the Principal's garden. The evening before, a large gathering thoroughly enjoyed the Chief Justice's address to our leavers. Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial left everyone with a positive and enlightened feeling. He was joined in the audience by a group of his old Kellyites, among them Shaukat Ellahi Sheikh who was a joint recipient of the Rivaz medal with his honour in 1975. Both ventured to Columbia university after school, as the first Aitchisonians to do so, under the advice and support of principal Choudrhy Ghulum Rasul who was fondly remembered. The theme of the Chief Justice's message was 'gratitude'. The active enjoyment of the boys left our Chief Guest convinced that the spirit of the College was intact. We were greatly honoured by his presence.

There are few, if any, schools that can boast a sitting Prime Minister, Chief Justice, four Supreme Court Justices, Foreign Minister, Defence Minister, Chief Secretary of Punjab, Governor of the State Bank, and Chairman of the PCB. The impacts of character and resolve in an Aitchison education stand proudly in evidence with such lofty national figures. The Chief Justice stressed that grades alone are inadequate and that character and compassion lay behind the works of great men.
Our Sports Day Chief Guest was top ranked Pakistan and International tennis player Aisam- ul- Haq Qureshi. He enjoyed the athletics and tent-pegging, and the rousing atmosphere engulfing the presentation of trophies. Godley House won the triple prize of Cock House, best in academics and co-curricular. All boys participated with enormous enthusiasm.
A selection of photographs tells a story.