Overseas Alumni

Overseas Alumni Branches on the march

Are you an Old Boy who lives abroad? Do you wish to connect with other Old Boys in your city or region?

Then join us in developing overseas branches of Old Boys that will organize their own networking, social and fundraising events, connecting the alumni with each other and the College.

Tell us where you are and we will try to connect you with Aitchisonians in your area. Our alumni are spread across the globe and you will surely find many Old Boys where you least expected.


We have Old Boys acting as Volunteer Conveners for gatherings in New York, San Francisco, Pacific Northwest, London, Toronto and Ottawa. If you are in any of these areas, please contact your respective Volunteer Convener to get in touch with fellow Aitchisonians.

New York

Sheheryar Hafeez
+ 1 718 702 8953
[email protected]

San Francisco Bay Area

Fahim Shafi
[email protected]

Pacific Northwest

Hamza Masood
[email protected]


Humza Aasim Yousuf
+44 7788 231565
[email protected]


Shikoh Atif
[email protected]


Shahbaz Syed
[email protected]


Shahmeer Ghiasuddin Khan
[email protected]

Bremen, Germany

Ahmad Saeed
[email protected]

Strengthen your existing network

In case you are already part of an overseas alumni network, please inform us at the alumni office. The College can increase exposure for your branch and its activities through its official alumni portal.

Contact the Alumni Office

You may send us an email at [email protected] or call us on +92-42-36363063 (Ext: 427).